Support Us

Team ALPENBLITZ aims at raising USD 15,000 in charity. This will be dedicated to three different causes, see Charities. You can support us whatever your budget is. We are open both for private donors as well as corporate sponsors. To make our Charity packages even more attractive, we included some benefits in them. Particularly for corporates, we can offer ample media coverage as Team ALPENBLITZ is working with major media publishers in Germany, Switzerland and Austria to ensure good online and offline coverage of our adventure. We have 5 support packages to fit all budgets:


Your name on the car ― USD 30/EUR 25

Sponsor part of the chassis of our Suzukis, including a strengthened bottom, extended lights to enable farmers to work at night and “KUHFAENGER”

- We will engrave your name in our car’s chassis, and list you as an official chassis sponsor on our website


Your picture on the car & perks — USD 120 / EUR 100

Sponsor a wheel (we will bring several extra wheels so the car will survive many years)

-Your picture will appear in our hall of fame on our car and our website. You’ll be carried 10,000 miles and reach an audience of 100,000s
-In our travel blog, one day will have a name you choose
-You will get your exclusive ALPENBLITZ picture and sponsorship certificate
-You get one of our official ALPENBLITZ t-shirts
-You are invited to all our official ALPENBLITZ launch parties in London, Zurich and other places


You get a part of the car (door / wheel / window…) & perks — USD 400 / EUR 320
Help sponsoring our motor and overhauling it so the engine can’t break down anymore

- We’ll write your name (or anything you want) on the side of the wheel or on the side of a door – we only roll because of your generosity


You can do with the car whatever you want! — USD 6,000 / EUR 5,000

You will be the proud sponsor of one of our two Suzuki Jimnys
- You get all the perks from the Motor sponsor package
- You get whatever you want, e.g., mentioned in our official media communication, TV interviews…
- The car you sponsored will be called “ALPENBLITZ by YOU” (YOU is your name)
- You can drive with us on any part of the rally that you want, we always have a seat for you

Or give a value of your choosing…