Dizzain.com helped make our charity rally adventure unforgettable

In the spring of 2012, four of my friends and I decided to participate in the Mongol Rally, an adventurous journey from London to Ulan Bator with no support, an unfit car, and tons of unexpected incidents. All this has a charitable background and we eventually managed to raise over EUR 20,000 for orphanages home in Mongolia and Munich, my hometown.

In order to document our adventure for our families, friends, and sponsors (and, obviously, ourselves), I approached Alex Krasner, founder and managing partner of Dizzain.com to help us with the setup, development, and administration of our website, Alpenblitz.org.

Alex Krasner, CEO of Dizzain.com

Not only was he extremely eager to support us, Alex and his team also managed to develop a beautiful and well-structured responsive design website with all required functionalities (they even developed a mobile version so our friends could get real time updates on our location on their phones). The team did an amazing job updating the site with our newest pictures and stories, and incorporated a live update on our location via GPS. Dizzain.com’s great responsiveness was key as the stories and pictures had to match our GS location for our impatient family members…

We still – 6 months after we crossed the finish line – get great feedback from friends and colleagues for the pictures and stories on the website. Whenever I show pictures to my friends, I use the website, which has become our “diary” from those amazing weeks across 23 countries.

Feel free to have a look at our site (maybe you would like to try it yourself, if you have some time this summer)! Thanks again to the Dizzain.com team for enabling us to share our adventure with the world.

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