Day 40-44: Ulan Bator action

Dear friends,  after finally arriving in Ulaanbaatar (UB) and having an excessive first night lash at Club Vegas and Sky Lounge, our life as Mongol celebrities started. Our first TV interview with UB’s channel 10 was scheduled for 11:00AM followed by newspaper coverage in the Mongol nationwide newspaper “Today”. Everyone but Philipp (first victim of UB’s nightlife) made it to the interviews. We finally understood how difficult and exhausting the life as a celebrity must be: running from one interview to another whilst being hung-over from the previous night’s lash. Tough life!

In the afternoon Mathias and Eugen enjoyed a Mongol spa (incl. an amazing massage) and explored the city. Meanwhile Philipp was still recovering from his hangover. We then all went to Orange Club after unsuccessfully searching for food. No food and Chinggis proved as a deadly mix for some Swiss colleagues later on at Club Metropolis…

The following days we could finally get some rest. Highlights during that time included:

-          a coal-mine tour-          a traditional Mongol show-          a Mongol hard-rock band with traditional instruments-          more TV interviews (Mongol National Broadcast)-          shopping-          the Mongol Rally closing party (we were way too sober; and old…)-          the Swiss “pre-poning” their flights in favor of the Croatian coast-          Eugen receiving his first ticket for U-turning in the middle of a 6-lane street and driving without driver’s license, registration or any other document (consequently paying a 10’000 ‘Mongol money’ fine, ~$7)-          more shopping-          bad streets 2.0 on the way to the airport-          mega chaos at the airport (which made Philipp and Eugen almost miss their flights)-          visa issues 1.0 in Mongolia (making Philipp the last person to board the plane)-          visa issues 2.0 in Moscow (Eugen being turned down at the Russian border because the Visa agency had screwed up and he only held a single entry visa; effectively forcing him to book a new flight to Vienna and spend 10hrs at Moscow Airport before being “deported” back to the European Union; this increased the overall journey time back to Austria to about 23.5hrs)

Thank you all for following our blog. We hope to have shared some interesting experiences with you. Maybe this blog will also prove helpful for other travellers as a rough guide.

Mongol Rally, Team Alpenblitz– FINISH!!


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