Day 39: Finish line!!!

Waking up with what can only be described as a terrible headache from the disgutsing Dshingis vodka, we managed to find a decent asphalt road that would get us to Ulan Bator. We were all tired from the excessive driving the past few days and couldn’t wait to get back to civilization. In the afternoon, we finally crossed the city line of Ulan Bator. We celebrated by climbing on the roof of one of the cars and taking our victory photo. Another 2 hours later, we finally managed to leave the UB city traffic behind us and check into the hotel. Despite all the stress of the last few days, we were more than happy that we finally made it.

So we took off to a Chinese restaurant, the first decent meal we’ve had for many, many days. We enjoyed a few bottles of wine (the first since Istanbul) and decided to go to the Vegas night club in the basement of the fancy hotel the restaurant was located at. Apparently, we were the only people in Mongolia that had that idea. The place was empty which made everyone leave for bed pretty early. Except for Philipp, who met up with his college friend Thede (who drove an ambulance to Mongolia) and the two had a good night out, at least judging from Philipp’s physical condition the next day. Which is why he missed the first interview with the largest Mongolian newspaper. But check out the details in the next entry

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