Day 30: Crossroads

We started last night with the first accident of the rally. Fortunately, none of our beautiful Ignis’ was involved – our host’s girlfriend crashed into an old guy’s car, who claimed it was the girl’s fault which it obviously wasn’t. After about 45 minutes, two cops finally showed up (a bunch of police cars drove by the scene already), marked the positions of the cars on the road, asked exactly 2 questions and the drove off…

We then continued our night at a very interesting venue: a club on top of a mountain (3000m!!!) which is a typical Après Ski location in the winter and a restaurant/club in the summer. At the entrance we were handed red / yellow / green wristbands depending on our relationship status. No details will be provided on which colors were chosen by individual team members. Our dinner was a very traditional horse steak (not as exciting as it might sound) and several carafes of vodka. Despite the ridiculous temperatures we were entertained by three dancers in bikinis, dozens of gorgeous girls, and a lot of 5’2″ Kazak gangsters. As Matthias mentioned: “Asians with baseball hats and basketball jerseys just lack any street credibility”.

Matthias and Philipp then decided it was a good idea to continue the party at Copacabana with a bunch of locals and ended up eating chicken wings for breakfeast at 7 am. It turned out it wasn’t a good idea at all.

After a solid two hours of sleep, we got the engines started and began the stage to Alaköl, a small town by a lake north of Almaty. After hours through an interesting but rather “deserty” landscape, Matthias scored his first fuckup-point: he blew the front left tire (although he claims it wasn’t his fault but there’s really no one else to blame it on).

We continued driving on somewhat decent roads to the next thing that we considered a city but was actually a crossroads. We paid 10 dollars per person in rooms that make refugee camp look comfortable. Of course, there was no shower, no matresses (only a sheet covering a wooden board), and generally no hygiene. We had dinner (dumplings, of course) at the local saloon (more flashing lights than a Las Vegas casino) before we happily went to sleep

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